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Dutch Culture

The Netherlands, sounds very familiar to us, because the Dutch once colonized Indonesia. The Netherlands is famous for its dijk (dykes), windmills, tulips and the open nature of its people. The capital city of the Netherlands is Amsterdam. The official languages ​​are Dutch and Frisian. Their national motto is “Je Maintiendrai” in French which means “I will defend”. The Netherlands is the seat of the International Court of Justice in The Hague. And Denhaag is also the administrative center which is also the residence of the Queen of the Netherlands.  The Netherlands is one of the old countries, because the Netherlands was officially founded in  1568, when some areas of North Holland revolted against Phillips II, King of Spain (i.e. lord of the Burgundian Habsburgs). The struggle for independence was led by Prince Willem Van Orange (1533-1584) who was also called the Father of the Fatherland.

Regions and Geography

The Netherlands is divided into 12 administrative regions named provinces, namely:

  1.  Groningen
  2.  Friesland
  3.  Drenthe
  4.  Overijssel
  5.  Flevoland
  6.  Gelderland
  7.  Utrecht
  8.  Noord-Holland (North Holland)
  9.  Zuid-Holland (South Holland)
  10. Zeeland
  11. Noord-Brabant (North Brabant)
  12. 12.Holiday

The Netherlands is located in the territory of Western Europe. It is bordered by Germany to the east, to the south by Belgium and to the north and west by the North Sea. This country is the cultural confluence of Germany, Britain and France. The state is not a republic but a constitutional monarchy, with a king or queen as the head of state. Meanwhile, the head of government is held by a prime minister. The land surface in the Netherlands is very flat. Almost half of the Netherlands is less than 1 meter below sea level. The highest level is Vaalserberg, which is in the province of Limburg which has a height of 321 m. The lowest surface is Nieuwerkerk aan den Ijssel which is 6.76 below sea level. Much of the lowlands are guarded by dijk and sea walls. parts of the Netherlands, for example the Flevoland area must be reclaimed (need to build new land on land that previously consisted of water). The main wind direction in the Netherlands is southwest, which results in a mild archipelagic climate, with cool summers and mild winters.

Community Culture

Many people experience culture shock after living in the Netherlands for several months. However, we can avoid this if we are familiar with the basic culture and customs of   the Dutch people.

In general, the characteristics of the Dutch are:

  1.  Straightforward, which means they don’t hesitate to say their opinion.
  2.  Critical of the surrounding circumstances and tend to comment.
  3.  Likes to help
  4.  Tend to be closed
  5.  Individualist
  6.  Optimistic and hardworking, always prioritizing competition.
  7.  Punctual, they really value time
  8.  Very organized, the agenda is always at hand, and promises are always kept.
  9.  “Work hard, Play hard”, which means they prioritize free time   on weekends.
  10. Appreciate and respect others, as well as respect for the work of others.

interesting habits of the people of the Netherlands and Rotterdam in particular:

  1.  Using bicycles as the main means of transportation, both in the village and in the city.
  2.  The common and daily foods of the Dutch people are: “patat” (fries), sandwiches, “stampot” (mashed potatoes with meat and broccoli), various kinds of snacks such as pastels, risoles, frikandel. Guaranteed we will miss the rendang et al.
  3.  Almost all Dutch people (especially the younger generation) can speak English.
  4.  Lecturers can be called by using their first name. But of course it depends on how the lecturer wants to be called.
  5.  Want to start a conversation with the Dutch? Start with a topic about the weather!
  6.  There is no seniority in lectures in the Netherlands, as well as hazing.

Tourism spot

The Netherlands offers many interesting places to visit, the following tourist attractions are very popular among tourists, namely:

  1.  Amsterdam Canals

Amsterdam began building its famous canals in the 17th century during the Dutch golden age, the three main canals, namely the Herengracht, Prinsengracht and Keizersgracht forming a concentric belt around the city known as Grachtengordel. Today there are more than 100 km (60 mi) long of these canals, and there are also 1,500 bridges. Along with the main canal, there are also about 1,550 momuntal buildings. This canal is very beautiful if you see it at night. Visitors are treated to a very beautiful view while crossing the river by boat, visitors can enjoy the beauty of the ancient buildings along the river. And the Amsterdam Canals are the most visited places by foreign tourists. Amsterdam’s canals were added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in July 2010.

  1. Keukenhof . Flower Garden

Keukenhof Gardens is the largest flower garden, and a promotion for the flower industry in the Netherlands. This park is known as the home of 7 million tulips. Around seven million flower seeds are planted annually in this park, and not only tulips, but also hyacinths, daffodils, and other spring flowers. The park is open from the last week of March to mid-May. Keukenhof is one of the tourist attractions in the Netherlands which is also a favorite for tourists.

  1. Kinderdijk Desa Village

More than 1,000 windmills from ancient times still exist in the Netherlands today. Kinderdijk (son of the embankment) is a village belonging to the municipal government of Lekkerland, Holland province, about 15 km east of Rotterdam. Kinderdijk is situated between the confluence of the polders of the Lek and Noord rivers. This group of windmills is a place to drain seawater to become land using a polder system in the form of the largest and oldest windmill in the Netherlands. The windmill network of Kinderdijk is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Netherlands. It was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997.

Dutch Food

Various foods are served during special events, including:

  1. Oliebollen

Is a kind of fried cake from the Netherlands containing raisins or apple slices with a taste similar to a donut. In the Netherlands this cake is traditionally eaten on New Year’s Eve. Oliebollen is made by frying the dough in hot oil until golden brown. The dough is made from flour, eggs, yeast, salt and milk. This dough is left for about 1 hour and fried, then sprinkled with powdered sugar.

  1. Beschuit met muisjes (Biscuit with small mice)

Is a traditional food served to celebrate the birth of a baby in the Netherlands. These biscuits are similar to toast and are softer. It is round in shape and is prepared with butter and sprinkled with muisjes on top. In the beginning there were 2 colors muisjes namely white and pink. But in 1990, a new mix was introduced namely white and blue, the blue was served for boys and the pink one was served for girls. And when a child was born into the kingdom of Huis van Orange-Nassau, orange muisjes were sold.

  1. Appeltaart

It is an apple pie served on certain occasions such as birthdays and new years. Many variations of appeltaart: with lemon, raisins, various nuts (hazelnuts, walnuts & tonsils).

As well as other dishes such as:

  1. Waterzooi

This is a classic stew. Its name is taken from the Dutch, “Zooien” which means to boil. Sometimes called Gentse Waterzooi in reference to Ghent, a city in Belgium. Made from fish, either freshwater or marine. The stew is made from fish or chicken, vegetables such as carrots, leeks, and potatoes, herbs, eggs, cream, and butter. Usually the fish used are pike, carp, and bass. Gentse Waterzooi van Kip uses chicken, while Gentse Waterzooi van Tarbot’ uses turbot fish. Either the chicken or fish versions, both use egg yolks and thick broth and are usually served as soup with a baguette to soak up the liquid.

  1. Stamppot (mashed potato)

It is a traditional Dutch dish made from a combination of mashed potatoes with one or more vegetables, sometimes also using boiled meat or smoked sausage. Vegetables used include sauerkraut, endive, kale, spinach, turnip greens, or carrots and onions (the latter combination is known as a hutspot).

  1. Stroopwafel

Is a waffle made of flour, butter, and milk dough baked with caramel in the middle. It’s crunchy and sweet. This dish is suitable to be served with coffee or tea. Besides that, you can put toppings on it such as ice cream and strawberries and others.

  1. Huzaren Sla

Is a typical Dutch salad that uses egg yolks as a dressing or sauce. The bright color of the beets makes this dish look even more tantalizing.

Dutch Clothing

This country which is famous for its beautiful tulips has a traditional dress called “Klederdracht”. A more specific characteristic of the Klederdacht is the njekither hat.

Characteristics of the Netherlands

  1. The Netherlands is very famous for its beautiful tulips and has a variety of colors.
  2. In addition to tulips, the Netherlands also has another pride, namely the windmill.This wind kinic serves to propel water to land with the aim of forming new land.As we know that the Netherlands is below sea level for most of its territory
  3. The Netherlands is also famous for its wooden shoes called klompen.Klompen has been around since 1207 AD.
  4. Cheese is also the most famous feature of the Netherlands which has a certain distinctive taste compared to other countries.

5. The Netherlands is famous for its dams

Netherland or Holland?

Hebben de officiële naam Nederland, waarom wordt Nederland vaak Holland genoemd?


Raad eens welk land synoniem is met grote windmolens en tulpen als de nationale bloem?

Ja, dat land is Nederland dat op het Europese vasteland ligt. In het Engels staat Nederland bekend als Nederland.

Maar er zijn er ook die het Holland noemen. Veel mensen noemen dit land vaak Holland, niet Nederland. In feite heeft dit windmolenland de officiële naam Nederland, niet Holland zoals veel mensen het kennen. Waarom wordt Nederland dan vaker Holland genoemd dan Nederland, de officiële naam, hè?

Holland is de naam van twee provincies in Nederland. In het Engels is de juiste benaming voor dit windmolenland Nederland, de officiële naam van dit land.

Welnu, Nederland heeft 12 verschillende provincies, waarvan er twee de provincie Holland zijn. De twee provincies van Holland zijn Noord-Holland en Zuid-Holland die sinds 1840 in tweeën zijn verdeeld.

Er zijn veel toeristische bestemmingen in twee provincies van Nederland

Hoewel Holland twee provincies in Nederland of Nederland is, verwijzen velen naar dit land als Holland. Een van de redenen is dat de twee provincies van Holland wereldberoemde toeristische bestemmingen hebben. In Noord-Holland ligt Amsterdam, een van de bekende toeristische bestemmingen in Nederland.

Terwijl in Zuid-Holland, andere bekende toeristische attracties zijn Rotterdam en Den Haag. Door de dominantie van deze vele bekende toeristische attracties, is Nederland, dat een officiële landsnaam heeft, namelijk Nederland, eindelijk beter bekend als Holland.

De Nederlandse regering wil dat het gebruik van Nederland wordt vervangen door Nederland

Het misverstaan ​​van de naam van dit land bleek voor de Nederlandse overheid best lastig. Door de naam Holland, die beter bekend is dan Nederland, zijn toeristen die naar Nederland komen meer geconcentreerd in de weduwnaar van de provincie Holland.

Om deze reden heeft de Nederlandse overheid met ingang van 2020 verschillende promoties voor een bezoek aan Nederland vervangen. De naam Holland die werd gebruikt voor toeristische promotie werd vervangen door de naam Nederland, om het land van Nederland beter te laten zien.

Zelfs om het aantal toeristen dat meer gefocust is in Nederland te verminderen, heeft de Nederlandse overheid ook andere maatregelen genomen. Vanaf mei 2019 heeft de Nederlandse overheid ook de promotie van Nederland als toeristische trekpleister stopgezet door promotiekantoren in Spanje, Italië en Japan te sluiten.

Dit wordt gedaan om toeristen te laten weten dat Nederland niet alleen Holland is, maar dat er verschillende andere provincies zijn die bezocht kunnen worden.

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